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MasterClass—Make a vegetarian masterpiece with the James Beard Award–winning chef of the three-Michelin-starred Atelier Crenn.

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Make a vegetarian masterpiece with the James Beard Award–winning chef of the three-Michelin-starred Atelier Crenn.

Teaches Modern Vegetarian Cooking

Turn vegetarian dishes into statement pieces with celebrated chef Dominique Crenn. Explore her techniques through a tasting menu of elevated recipes.

With three James Beard awards and a three-Michelin-starred restaurant, Chef Dominique Crenn has transcended traditional vegetarian fare by treating cooking as a kind of poetic expression. Now the celebrated chef invites you to discover inspired vegetarian cooking. Following a full tasting menu of recipes, learn how to elevate your techniques, minimize waste, and turn vegetarian dishes into works of art.

Instructor(s): Dominique Crenn

Class Length: 14 video lessons (3 hours 59 minutes)

Category: Food, Home & Lifestyle

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What Is MasterClass?

MasterClass (visit website) is a popular online learning platform to help expand your skills and knowledge in various fields such as cooking, business, art, entertainment, writing, sports, science, tech, and health. Whatever topic you choose to study, you are assured an experienced and knowledgeable instructor. Their credentials require no examination.

You can learn Negotiation from Chris Voss, Cooking from Gordon Ramsey, Leadership from Bill Clinton, Acting from Samuel L. Jackson, Voice Training from Mariah Carey, or Tennis from Serena Williams. Expect top-notch production quality across the board.

Pricing – The basic annual membership of $15/month provides access to all 150+ MasterClass courses and classes. MasterClass’s pricing plans also offer options to add extra users, simultaneous watching, and download functionality. There is a risk-free 30-day refund policy if MasterClass does not meet your expectations.

Lessons – In addition to the video lessons, each course provides a detailed workbook. Members also have access to Sessions, a convenient learning format to learn by doing in just 30 days. Watch MasterClass classes on the web or through mobile & TV apps.

How much is a Masterclass?

MasterClass classes start from $15/month billed annually. This will set you back $180/year. If you wish to access MasterClass offline and also want to learn on more than one device at the same time, you can choose the MasterClass Plus subscription plan for $20/month billed annually. Visit website to see the MasterClass pricing table.

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Instructors: Malcolm Gladwell –1 | Daniel Pink – 2 | Chris Voss – 3 | Sara Blakely – 4 | Paul Krugman – 5 | Bob Woodward – 6

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